1. My (unofficial) steed. Omega Red, outside Crockett Texas. September 3rd, 2011. Taken at 20 feet from me grandmothers front yard. I miss spending three months out of the suburbs there.


  2. Knowing People

    They had it right.
    It’s all about who you know.
    Most importantly, yourself.


  3. Greedy

    I’m not a greedy man.
    Your smile is enough.
    A comma in our conversations.

  4. Outside Lands remains my favorite music festival in California. I’ve been looking forward to sharing my photos, so stay tuned. 

    'Mind Warp' 2013 [Ezra Koenig - Vampire Weekend]

  5. 'Noir Bandits' 2013. The RX Bandits ( @rxbandits ) performing their 10 year anniversary show of the album, ‘The Resignation’.

    From left to right: Steve Choi, Matt Embree, Chris Tsagakis, and Joe Troy.

    Honestly guys, thanks for having me. Means the world, but I try not to freak out in front of my musical heroes.

    [The Henry Fonda Theater, Hollywood. 7/6/2013]

  6. Had a good conversation with one of my closest friends today, who lost a close friend from their time in the Marine Corp overseas, and we talked about how hard people go for America to make sure we can do all the things we want, like write, or take pictures, or be on Facebook.

    I really do appreciate everyone in those jobs of service that go 100 percent for their city, their family, and us. I don’t celebrate many traditions, but I’m making my own personal one. May Day I post a picture of heroes doing their thing. Not trying to get caught up, just saving lives and trying to enjoy some sunshine.

  7. 'All Your Light' April 18th, 2013.

    Anyone close to me knows that Portugal. the Man is oft on my playlists. I’ll tell the whole story some day, but what started as listening to a song for a arduous journey, turned into one of the more unique friendships in my life.

    I’ve never really been ‘that guy’ or ‘the fan’, and always keep that in mind when in the presence of musicians who helped get me through life.

    Everywhere we go, everything we see, our journey can be scored.

    Musicians that I find myself attuned to these days have had similar trials and tribulations, and it warms the heart to sing/air guitar/dance along to their hard work.

    But of course, above is Zach. Above all things, he’s a good person. Zach is one of those guys you meet, and you know they give everything they have to make sure those around them are happy. It’s great to see him and his adoring fans being healed just by a dude from Alaska smoking a cigarette with them.

    Zach. We need a round of beers, and night photography. Cheers to you.

    Oh! Shout out to Chillefry aka Casserole :D

  8. I love cliches, so I’ll start my photojournal at the end.

    I like to tell stories. The camera helps me talk less. :)

    Above is ‘Seat Above the Clouds’. December 22nd 2012. I remember waking up on the plane, headed to meet family in the Bahamas for Christmas, and laughing in wonder if the world ended while I slept.

    I’d have thought this was heaven, but then I saw a fellow jet in the clouds, and knew I was just on vacation for a change.

    I’ll try to keep it interesting.